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Unofficial VWF Dialogues Patch (2011)

Descrpition: This version enables to use a dialogue in the game without freezing sprites.
When the player hits START+SELECT when a dialogue is active, this version stops the dialogue and turns it off. So you can prevent the game from being messed up. Also, the patch does the same thing when the player dies, or enters a pipe/door, etc.

Because of my laziness, my code doesn't deal with the situation that "Course Clear" sign appears when a dialogue is still active. You should avoid using a dialogue near the goals. And I cannot guarantee anything when you use a dialogue near the teleport block, or something.
I am not going to work on them because it's enough for me.

Original patch by RPG Hacker: http://www.smwcentral.net/download.php?id=1140&type=patches
Modified ASM: vwfdialogues.asm

The usage of the patch is slightly different from the original.

(1) Displaying a message

  REP #$20
  LDA #$XXXX ; message number
  STA $702001
  SEP #$20
  LDA #$01
  STA $7020C8 ; here is the difference (originally, you store #$01 at $702000 to request)

This routine automatically turns off the preemtive dialogue. You don't need to put the code below.

(2) Forcing the dialogue to be turned off (New feature!)

  LDA #$02
  STA $7020C8

1. This patch uses freeram $18BB which is cleared during reset, titlescreen, OW and level load.
2. Don't make a choice question without freezing sprites. Don't make a dialogue wait player to press the A button without freezing sprites, either.