- 1 JANUARY 2010

I uploaded but totally forgot to link the song “You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round”. Now I linked that. Check Musics section of SMW Hacking.

Happy New Year.

- 31 DECEMBER 2009

Hello World!

- 16 FEBRUARY 2010

New section - Dual has been created. Current works are displayed in this section. Someday, several version of ROM will be uploaded here.

Still, there are no new downloads available.

- 23 FEBRUARY 2010

Here’s new video - Dual - Level Showcase

And I’ve uploaded new music at Dual section.
Feel free to use them. ^_^

Last changed: 2010-03-11

- 2 MARCH 2010

Something added or changed on Dual section.

From now on, I won’t display my next music. Because I just don’t want to spoil my hack. They will be revealed when the 2nd video or demo comes out.

And I want to say something about Addmusic Minimizer. After having some personal experience, I figured out that downsizing a port manually is not hard and doesn’t take much time. Also doing by hand is much more flexible for various conditions. So I can’t find feel the necessity and put off my next version of that indefinitely. If you are using my program, please be noticed that it isn’t the best solution. This program doesn’t use labels. I didn’t know the existence of label when making that, as I mentioned. Moreover, visuality is one of optimization issues but output text is too messed up, so you can hardly modify it.
Use it if you want, but I don’t recommend. This is what I want to say.

텍스트 상자: Noticeable changes
- Dual : music
- Q&A

- 10 MARCH 2010

Check the updates. --------------------->

I have a plan to make some simple puzzles on main page. Currently there are only five but I’ll append.

Have fun.

- 11 MARCH 2010

Since I am very lazy, I don’t know when I make a new video. It seems to take forever. Hence, now I break my promise that I’ll not upload my next music to prevent spoil. I’ll upload my ports immediately after I finish them.

Q&A has been created. If you want to add a question, don’t hesitate to ask. Embarrassing question will be refused politely.