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Addmusic Minimizer (Not recommended to use)

Minimizes the size of the txt file by using loops.
This is very picky about input files, and does not support some commands and hex codes. I am so lazy to make a good interpreter that it cannot even interpret loops. (i.e. If there are loops in the input file, an exception occurs!) I want to make smarter one for the next time.

When I created this I didn’t know the existence of labels, so it doesn’t support labels either.

This can be useful if the input file immediately comes from TinyMM. Note that most of my ports are products of this.

If you are interested, click on the below link.
Its language is Java and
you need JRE to run.

Last changed: 2010-03-03

Not recommended to use. (See Announcement)
The source code is fully open and modifying this is welcome!