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Cool or Cruel Stage 11 - Gnarly

Descrpition: This stage is the arrangment of the original smw stage called "gnarly". Climbing up and falling, quite simple.

Difficulty: Hard as Forky(Stage 9). Slowdown is not needed at all. But with slowdown, it will become a piece of cake.(?)

Important notes
The hack should be run on ZSNES or SNES9X v1.52.
SNES9X v1.53 (or higher) is compatible with VWF dialogues patch, but not with music. On the other hand, SNES9X v1.51 (or lower) is completely reverse.

Download links (files uploaded on smwc)
IPS file: gnarly.zip
For SNES9X 1.53 users: gnarly_snes9x(v1.5x).zip (No custom music)
README is included which contains some issues and credits.

Soundtrack: gnarly_soundtrack.zip
To get the txt files, go to the music section on SMWC