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Old Works (including 37 ports and 2 hacks)

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Cool or Cruel

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Carol's Addmusic ports (2010)
Originally they were supposed to used in cool or cruel stage 10.
I decided to open because they won't be used forever unless they're ported so they can be used with current addmusics.
There are some issues which made my passion for them cool off.
I'm not uploading most TXT files which may not play properly for current addmusics. (echo, slide, etc.)
(But recently, I heard that ports for Carol's AM could be compatible with AddmusicK..?)

AddmusicM ports (2011~2012)
TXT files are hosted on SMWC.
Not recommended to insert to your rom. Most of them won't be played on some emulators because of the echo buffer error.
Also TXT files hosted on SMWC disabled echo, so they sounds quite differently from these.
I'm going to update them to AddmusicK version and there will be no echo buffer issues.

AddmusicK ports ~ Curse of the channel 7 and 8 ~
Blame my laziness for not submitting these to SMWCentral's music section, if you couldn't find the download link. They were actually uploaded in C3(summer 2014).

Ports I made specifically for JUMP will be released later.

Songs marked with [OW] are made for overworlds, which means I didn't take care of samples used by SFX and I didn't bother to avoid assigning crucial instruments to channels 7 or 8.